Established in 2001, under the aegis of RUMI Foundation, Jahan e Khusrau, designed and directed by noted film maker Muzaffar Ali, was the pioneer in presenting Sufi music in the country and has created a large following over the years.

These three mystical nights bring together musicians from different parts of India, the subcontinent and the world to perform in a seamless cinematic fashion. Participating countries have included USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Besides Delhi, Jahan e Khusrau has also been presented in Jaipur, Patna, Lucknow, Srinagar, Boston and London.


FRIDAY: 8th MARCH, 2019
The Yearning
Poetry by Minu Bakshi, Delhi
Ganganama, The Circle of Life by
Sanjukta Sinha & Kadamb Group, Ahmedabad
Satinder Sartaj, Punjab

The Union
by Roohani Sisters
Kanwar Grewal, Punjab

SUNDAY: 10th MARCH, 2019
The Separation
by Shahid Niazi & group, Rampur Qawwals
Javed Ali, Mumbai

** subject to change

Rumi Foundation, a Charitable Society with Dr. Karan Singh as its Chairman and Muzaffar Ali as the Secretary and Executive Director, was established
in 2004 in Delhi as a national body.

Other distinguished Founder Members include Ashfaq Peeran, Bipin Shah, Dilshaad Sheikh, Hemi Bawa, Sharmila Tagore, Syeda Imam, Syeda Hameed
and Zainab Chauhan.

The Foundation’s Patrons include Prince Al Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, Mrs Esin Celebi, 22nd generation granddaughter of Jalaluddin Rumi from Turkey
and Lord Khalid Hameed of Hampstead, England. The Lucknow Chapter headed by M A Khan was established in 2010 and includes Jayant Krishna,
Jyoti Sinha, Parveen Talha, Tariq Khan and Dr. Qamar Rehman as its core team members.

Rumi Foundation’s objective is to project the inclusive philosophy of the 13th century mystic poet Jalaluddin Rumi, - of oneness of the human race and a
world without boundaries, which finds resonance with India’s vision of a pluralistic society. Rumi Foundation also publishes a journal “HU-The Sufi Way”
on different cultural traditions of India, five volumes of which have been published so far. The first on Hazrat Amir Khusrau, the second on Jalaluddin
Rumi, the third on Sufis and Rishis of Kashmir showing the inclusiveness of Kashmir’s culture through the blending of Sufism and Shaivism, the fourth on
the Sufis of Punjab presenting the blend of Sufism and Sikhism and the fifth as a coffee table book, ‘A Leaf Turns Yellow’,on the Sufis of Awadh,
exhibiting Krishna-Bhakti as an important dimension of Sufism.

Rumi Foundation’s flagship cultural events are the annual World Sufi Music Festival – Jahan e Khusrau which is being held in Delhi annually since 2001
and the Wajid Ali Shah Festival which is being held annually in Lucknow since 2013. Besides Delhi, Jahan e Khusrau has also been held in Lucknow,
Shrinagar, Jaipur, Patna, Boston and London.

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by Rumi Foundation to participation in events like the annual Wajid Ali Shah Festival in Lucknow and Jahan e Khusrau
Festival in Delhi open to affiliates by invitation only.

Rumi Foundation is a charitable society registered in 2004 under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.
All payments to Rumi Foundation are treated as donations towards its corpus and are exempt from tax under 80-G.

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